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SmS - Smart Scan

2D Mobile Profile Measurement System

The SmS offers an innovative solution to measure almost any surface geometry using the integrated smartphone. The SmS is characterized by its low weight and compact dimensions. The profile geometry to be measured is quickly and easily recorded by the line laser.

The integrated smartphone determines and saves the profile picture in the corresponding app and thus enables an analysis of the profile directly on the smartphone. Here, detailed dimensions of widths, depths, angles, radii and distances can be carried out. Thanks to the smartphone's internal memory, more than 10,000 profile sections can be stored on the smartphone and optionally printed out. The battery-operated Smart Scan 300 is very easy to use with the help of the Smartphone App and enables the quick and uncomplicated measurement of structures and surfaces that are difficult to access. It is highly precise and versatile and can therefore be used in car repair shops, car dealerships, wheel hotels, R & D test centres and for quality control purposes of tyre manufacturers. In order to carry out further processing on a larger screen, the measured data can easily be transferred to a PC via WLAN or Bluetooth. The data recorded by the smartphone is displayed in a 2D coordinate system.

  • Measurement Technology: TriangulationPoint Laser technology
  • Laser: CCD / Visible / Red
  • Laserclass: IIM
  • Datatransmission: Digital
  • Distance from laser: 275 mm
  • Measurement range Z (depth): 150 mm
  • Measurement range X (width): 300 mm
  • Tire typs: Bycicle / cars/ trucks / agricultural machinery
  • Portable measurement system
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6
  • SmartScan App (latest version)
  • Redlightfilter
  • Charging cable
  • Transport box

Areas of Application

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