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3D Rohrscannroboter

The Crawler is a robot to inspect tubes for the inside diameter, roundness and surface defects for any pipe depth.
It is based on the Circular Triangulation Sensor (CiTriS), a new 360° laser sensor for the pipe industry.

Specifikation: All Models
Type of measurement CiTriS – Circular Triangulation Sensor
Laser – Class II M, Circular Laser (visible)
Data transfer Ethernet
Power Supply 24 V DC
Software Crawler
Operating temperature 10 – 40°C
System calibration ISO9001 EN (calibrated)
EC conformity declaration CE certified
Crawler Modell 125-200 200-340 340-610 610-960
Pipe ⌀ ID [mm] 125-200 200-340 340-610 610-960

Areas of application

Tubes / Hollow bodies

The Crawler with the sensor series CiTriS is a tool for exact and contactless measurment of internal geometries for tubes and hollow bodies...


The Crawler with CiTriS inside can determine the radius and the A dimension for longitudinal and transverse welding seams for round components such as pipes...