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Internal geometry

CiTriS - Circular Triangulation Sensor

360° Internal Geometry Sensor

A new step in the laser measurement technology. The sensor measures internal geometries of bores, tubes, containers and other cavities. The radial laser scans the internal surface on a cavity geometriey at 360° with 2048 angular points in Real-Time.

Tube Inspector

3D inner tube inspection

The Tube Inspector provides a 3D inner tube inspection based on CiTriS (Circular Triangulation Sensor). CiTriS is mounted on an extension arm. For the scanning process the sensor will be traveled out of the housing into the tube.


3D Pipe Scan robot

The Crawler is a robot to inspect tubes for inside, diameter, roundness and surface defects. It's based on CiTriS, a new 360° laser sensor.

Pipe Section Scan

2D evaluation of pipes

The Pipe Section Scan measures the inner cross section contour of the pipe end. It includes the sensor as well as the mechanical component for a quick and precise positioning of the CiTriS sensor. The included software calculates the full 2D-profile and parameters, which are used to display tolerances and evaluate the calibration process of pipes.

Internal and external geometry

Cross Section Scan

Inside & outside pipe measurement

The Cross Section Scan provides a solution for complete inspection of pipe ending. The outside profile is measured by 5-10 laser line sensors. The internal profile is measured by CiTriS - Circular Triangulation Sensor. The result of one section consists of 3600 radial points on the inside and outside profile on 360°. This result allows to calculate all characteristic values of the pipe ending.