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Pipe Section Scan

2D evaluation of pipes

The Pipe Section Scan measures the inner cross section contour of the pipe end. It includes the sensor as well as the mechanical component for a quick and precise positioning of the Circular Triangulation Sensor (CiTriS). The included software calculates the full 2D-profile and all parameters, which are used to display tolerances and evaluate the calibration process of pipes.

Optional mechanical mounting options:
CiTriS tripod:
✓ fast positioning on tube endings
✓ customized CiTriS mount
✓ 2-axes linear adjustment
✓ tablet with holder
CiTriS stand:
✓ internal tube positioning
✓ customized CiTriS mount
✓ adjustment to different pipe diameters
✓ mounted screen
Industrial stand for positioning of CiTriS. Adjustment on x- and y-direction pipe ending.
Type CiTriS – Circular Triangulation Sensor
Laser – Class II M (visible)
CiTriS Models (1 sensor included): 60-140 110-220 180-340 300-620 550-960
Measurement range Ø ID [mm] 60-140 110-220 180-340 300-620 550-960
Data interface / power supply USB 3.0
Software 2D CiTriS-Tube Inspect
Scanning time <1 sec
Operating temperature 10 – 40°C
System calibration ISO9001 EN (calibrated)
EC conformity declaration CE certified

Areas of application

Tubes / Hollow Bodies

The Pipe Section Scan System is thanks to CiTriS a tool for exact and contactless measurement of the inner geometry of tubes and hollow bodies...


The Pipe Section Scan System can determine the radius and the A dimension for longitudinal and transverse welding seams for round components such as pipes...