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Industrie Hollow Bodys


Pipes are ubiquitous. From the simplest water pipe to the gigantic pipeline, the modern industrial world is kept going with pipes. They transport water, gas and fuel to where they are needed. We have made it our task to check the quality of these pipes or hollow bodies both during the manufacturing process and after prolonged use in the field of restruction. Our laser measurement devices are able to check tubes and hollow bodys for ovality and roundness.

Our Solutions

CiTriS - Circular Triangulation Sensor

360° Internal Geometry Sensor

The sensor series CiTriS represents a tool for the exact and contactless measurement of the inner geometry of tubes and hollow bodies...


3D pipe robot

A robot to inspect tubes for the inside diameter, roundness and surface defects for any pipe depth.
The Crawler is based on Circular Triangulation Sensor (CiTriS), a new 360° laser sensor for the pipe industry.

Tube Inspector

3D scanner for pipe endings

The Tube Inspector provides a 3D inside tube inspection based on CiTriS (Circular Triangulation Sensor). CiTriS is mounted on an extension arm. For the scanning process the sensor will be traveled out of the housing into the tube.

The result is a precise 3D model of the internal tube geometry.

PSP - Pipe Section Scan

2D evaluation of pipes

The Pipe Section Scan measures the inner cross section contour of the pipe end. It includes the sensor as well as the mechanical component for a quick and precise positioning of the CiTriS sensor. The included software calculates the full 2D-profile and parameters, which are used to display tolerances and evaluate the calibration process of pipes.

SmS - Smart Scan

2D Mobile Profile Measurement System

The Smart Scan offers the possibility to measure the inside diameter with the help of a Smartphone. It is not only small and practical but also fast and...