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Tube Inspector 

3D inside tube inspection

The Tube Inspector provides a 3D inside tube inspection based on on the
measurement values of the Circular Triangulation Sensor (CiTriS). CiTriS is mounted on an extension arm. For the scanning process the sensor will be traveled out of the housing into the tube.
The result is a precise 3D model of the internal tube geometry.

Specification: All Models
Type of measurement CiTriS – Circular Triangulation Sensor
Laser – Class II M, Circular Laser (visible)
Data transfer Ethernet
Power Supply 24 V DC
Housing Steel
Operating temperature 10 – 40°C
System calibration ISO9001 EN (calibrated)
EC conformity declaration CE certified
CiTriS-model 60-140 110-220 180-340 300-620 550-960
Lc [mm] 292 244 289 392 525
Tube ⌀ range [mm] 60-140 110-220 180-340 300-620 550-960
Scanning path A [mm] 200 (optional longer)
Housing length L [mm] Depending on configuration

Areas of application

Tubes / Hollow bodies

The Tube Inspector with the sensor series CiTriS is a tool for exact and contactless measurment of internal geometries for tubes and hollow bodies...


The Tube Inspector can determine the radius and the A dimension for longitudinal and transverse welding seams for round components such as pipes...