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SmS Welding

SmS - Smart Scan

Measurement of Welding Seams

The SmS projects a laser line across the weld seam. The camera integrated in the Smartphone records the weld seam contour. The integrated app analyzes the laser line and calculates the metric cut contour with 0.01mm resolution. Depending on the contour of the two components welded together, a distinction can be made between straight and round components that are joined by a weld seam. In the case of two straight components, the app determines the angle of the two components to each other and the A dimension of the weld seam. In the case of round components such as pipes which are closed lengthwise, the radius and the A dimension are determined.
More than 1000 welding seams can be stored in the battery-operated, mobile device. The dimensioned weld seam profiles can be transferred to a PC via Bluetooth or WLAN and output as a PDF file in a protocol.

In addition to the weld profiles, the SmS can also take photos of the weld seam and add them to the report. A user-defined macro controls how many weld profiles and photos are listed in a report printout.

The SmS can be operated at a spacer or freehand. It is equipped with a laser filter that minimizes the influence of daylight. The SmS is housed in a handy case with spacer, carrying case and charger.

  • Measurement Technology: TriangulationPoint Laser technology
  • Laser: CCD / Visible / Red
  • Laserclass: IIM
  • Datatransmission: Digital
  • Distance from laser: 275 mm
  • Measurement range Z (depth): 150 mm
  • Measurement range X (width): 300 mm
  • Tire typs: Bycicle / cars/ trucks / agricultural machinery
  • Portable measurement system
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6
  • SmartScan App (latest version)
  • Redlightfilter
  • Charging cable
  • Transport box